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When all else so far has failed to relieve your back pain, its time to try a new technique to eliminate your body's pain without using any drugs, chiropractic adjustments, spinal manipulation or any kind of surgical intervention.
This gentle holistic approach is the Number One treatment in Europe and now is finally available in Australia.
Allow us to take care of your back and help you live a pain free life with the gentle and nurturing approach of the revolutionary DORN SPINAL THERAPY
from Germany.
Eliminate all your back pain gently, safely and effectively with the progressive new healing technique from Germany - Dorn Spinal Therapy as featured on ABC NATIONAL TV, in GOOD MEDICINE, BODY + SOUL, and more ... Read what the media is saying about Dorn Spinal Therapy
It is a gentle, non manipulative treatment for back problems.
There are no forceful movements or unwanted pain involved with this therapy but the results are outstanding.
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Easy to learn and an ideal add on for any practitioner working with client back problems.
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Clients and Therapists talk about Dorn Therapy
I Am Now Pain Free Long Term
"Before I saw Barbara I had suffered for a few years with debilitating lower back pain. I had tried many different treatments but none with lasting results. After one treatment with Barbara my back improved significantly and I am now pain free long term.
Barbara also showed me exercises to improve posture and health problems that other practitioners told me I would just have to live with.
Barbara is the most positive therapist I have seen and her therapy is very gentle on the body. Don’t wait till the last resort to try Spinal Therapy!"
Peter Barker, Ryde